Dog Day Care & Boarding

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Your dog’s happiness and wellbeing is very important to Bark Inn Beauties. Before starting day care or boarding,  I will send you an admission form, then I will arrange a meet and greet when your dog can get to know me and my dog Sasha.  I will ask to see that your dogs vaccinations are up to date and require proof of this at our first meeting.

Doggy Day Care

Your dog will be looked after in my own home and will be welcomed as part of the family. Dogs will have the same fun, freedom and comfort enjoyed by my Lhasa Apso – Sasha. There is a large secure garden where your dog can run about and play.  I won’t take any more than three dogs at a time as I believe that it is important to be able to give dogs the attention they need. Your dog will get at least one good walk each day.  


Doggy day care is open from 8am to 6pm every day although any service offered by Bark Inn Beauties is flexible and will be tailored to your needs. Pick up and drop off service is available.

Costs of doggy day care:

  • £15 for full day – this includes a 45 minute walk
  • £13 if dropped off after 9am and picked up before 4pm – includes a 45 minute walk
  • £10 if are having your dog groomed on same day

For 2 dogs from the same family cost will be:

  • £25 for full day
  • £23 between 9 and 4
  • £20 if being groomed on the same day.


Your dog will stay in my home and will get lots of cuddles and 1 or 2 walks per day. I will not take any more than 3 dogs at any one time to ensure that your dog gets the attention it needs.

There is a free visit to my home to see where your dog will be staying and I will provide a one night stay prior to dog’s ‘sleepover’ to ensure that it is happy in my home and in the company of my wee Sasha (Lhasa Apso). Whilst staying with Bark Inn Beauties, your dog will have it’s own food to prevent any tummy upsets over change of diet.

Cost of dog boarding:

  • 1-3 nights – £20 per night for 1 dog, £34 for 2 dogs from same family
  • 4-7 nights – £17 per night for 1 dog, £28 for 2 dogs from same family
  • 8-10 nights – £16 per night for 1 dog, £26 for 2 dogs from same family
  • 11 – 14 nights – £15 per night for 1 dog, £25 for 2 dogs from same family

There will be a deposit required to secure your dogs stay for boarding.